• Founder & CEO of Tages
  • Chairman of Credito Fondiario


  • Vice Chairman of Citi Europe
  • Head of Investment Banking Europe at Citi
  • Global Head of Equities at Schroders

Panfilo has 35 years’ experience in financial services in London. Prior to Tages, Panfilo was Vice Chairman of Citi Europe (2008) and member of the European OPCO and of the Advisory Board. Panfilo was at Schroders since 1986 and became Chief Executive of Schroders Italia in 1992 and subsequently Head of Continental Europe for Investment Banking. In 1997 he was initially appointed Head of Europe and then Global Head of Equities. After the acquisition of Schroders by Citi, Panfilo became Head of Investment Banking and later Chairman of the Global Banking Division for Europe. Panfilo has been responsible for M&A, equity and privatisation transactions led by Schroders and Citi in the European market.