Our current strategic investments encompass:

Absolute Return &
Multi-manager Solutions

In May 2020, Tages Group contributed its absolute return and multi-manager solutions business (formerly Tages Capital LLP) into a 50/50 joint venture with Investcorp, called Investcorp-Tages. By leveraging off their deep-rooted history and expertise in investing in alternative assets, the firm continues to serve their investors as a leading global multi-manager investment firm, with a focus on providing bespoke solutions by delivering differentiated sources of returns across alternative assets.

Infrastructure Investments

Tages Capital SGR S.p.A. is the group company which specialises in renewable energy infrastructure investing and is the second largest player in the Italian photovoltaic markets. The firm manages two renewable energy funds (Tages Helios and Tages Helios II) which have invested approximately €1.1 billion in solar plants and utilise an innovative owner-operator model.

Private Equity

VAM Investments is the partner company which provides growth capital and buyout expertise to European small- and mid-cap companies. The firm looks for successful businesses and emerging leaders in highly specialized niches, pursuing both growth and investment opportunities.

Distressed Debt

Tages led the successful turnaround of Credito Fondiario S.p.A., a banking platform specialising in the management and servicing of distressed debt assets in Italy. Today, post the reorganisation of the Credito Fondiario business, Tages individual shareholders retain a minority stake, in partnership with Elliott Management. Credito Fondiario is now one of the top distressed debt operators in Italy with approximately €51 billion of serviced assets, €815 million of invested capital, and €366 million of equity capital.